Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santacon 2008 New York City ( English)

Last Saturday I got up at seven am, bacause I was already late and I had not finished my costume.

In fact, I had not even started it. So I went down to the sitting room ( yes, I went down because now I live ina dupleeeeeeeexsssssssssshhhhhhh) and I started making my Santa Bat girl costume...why Bat girl? Well... I was not going to be Bat man.
das Santa Bat girl then, I ran to buy a hat before joining the Santa Convention that had already started while Iwas finishing my costume. yes... that's it...Santa Convention...Some say 600, some say thousands...but definitely hundresds of Santas got togetehr to go from one place to another, from one var to another, here and there. people were really funny, especially when we would get the train and sauddenly, it completely got crowded with Satas, fro the beginning till the endand somebody dricrestly and nicely passed you their flask:D

As there were no permits, we did not know till the day before where it was going to start. And when Santa started moving, somebody shouted " Santa is on the move", and it was the tiem to ask " Where is Santa Going?", "Do you know whee Santa is going?", and somebody whispered a place and there we all went.I met them but I never got on time to the ferry, and it was said to be a great party....How can you miss hundreds of Santas? Well, you know I always get lost. I managed.

And there I was until my veretebrae told me it was enough, and I had to go home. If you see the photos, the ligther oone is in the morning, and the more blurry one in the evening, and you can see pain showing in the photo.

These are a few photos. More to come. And look for more on this site:D

Good spirit, fun, joy and celebration. One more Saturday in teh Big Apple.


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bizarro con interrupciones said...


May you have a HAPPY XMAS! And be careful with your column! I love the photos, Santa BatGirl! :-)