Friday, December 5, 2008

Jim Henson y Lepage ( English)

Last Saturday I went to watch a movie at midnight, on a huge screen... Labyrnth. I could not beleive that they were showing it at a cinema. Once again, I loved it, especially the part of the worm. Once, I hooked up with a guy because he knew what the worm says in this film. He seduced me. When I asked him " ¿ Do you know who said this?" and he knew,suddenly, an aura lit up around him, like if somebody had miteriously pressed a button somewhere.And I hooked up with him

Sitting there, in the middle od the darkness at the cinema, I became 16 again at the orchestra of that theatre called Cinestudio Fantasio, where you could see three films for the price of a new release, all of them in original version. fifteen years ago. I could swera I went with Estíbaliz.did I go with you, Esti? I think so. Or did I go with you, Cris, because we used to drag you to see all this movies in ov? I didn't speak English then...who could have ever told me then that I was going to see it again understanding what they say, and in New York.

The following morning, I called the opera theatre at the Lincoln Centre and bought a ticket too see " The damnation of Faust", by Berlioz.
Tenor Marcello Giordani aFaust, mezzo Susan Graham as Marguérite and bass-baritone John Relyea as Méphistophélès.

It had great interesting things. There was a kind of scaffolding structure with two screens, one transparent sometimes at the front and one with mirros at the back, where sometimes you could see, difuminated, the image of the conductor and the orchestra. At some point, there was this interactive screen, that kept changing as the dancers and singers moved near it, and they kept waling on it from the floor to the ceiling, and dropping. Some trees dies as Mephistopheles walked near them when Faust is persuaded to sign his damnation, and a wonderful last run of Faust, who thinks he is going to save MArgerite but is actually rushing into hell, in a kind of animated frames in black an white, sourrounded by bats and demons. And a huge projection of Marerite's image slowly burning in flames as she sings the aria in which, despeaired, keeps waiting for a Faust that never comes.
And this is New York, from David Bowie a Robert Lepage, from a warm to a demon. And depp down, it is the same, human relationship, loe, treason, desertion, magic..., life itself. Told with music and images

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