Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What if your date is late?

Internet dating is a complete complex universe in itself.

There are several situations in which you never know what to do. What if your date is late? How long do you wait until you decide he is not coming? or that he is not worth waiting for that long? "0 minutes? 30?
Then , after a while, you pay for your lonely beer and head home. Depending on how you were feeling about it, you can feel releif, disappointed....

But what if you are meeting him at your home? What can you do? Do you leave your own apartment? This is it... twenty minutes waiting...enough is enough... You pick your things up and leave. Or do you hide behind the door, switch the lights of and stop breathing to pretend you are not in when he knocks? You may even be able to shout " I am not in. I have left because you are late"

And if he is bringing your dinner... how long do you have to wait until you are so hungry you decide to eat?

Internet dating...what a ride!!! I am going to make myself a sandwich.

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