Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spinning the world around

A couple of weeks ago my mum told me that she is already on the waiting list to haver a operation done. than, even though at the beginning I had not thought about going back or anything, as my father had a small heart attack a few weeks ago, i thought I could go back if she gets operated in Thanksgiving, taking a few days from school.
But, it happens that I have a problem with my visa, and the Department of Education does not want to pay the amendment, so the school would have to pay. So, I don't fell comfortable taking days off, because, besides, I was told about the visa when I wast in the waiting room of a gynecologist about to have a biopsia done as my pap smear was not clear and they might had to perfor a small intervention, and i will have to take a few days off to rest. On top of that, my back is still hurting too much to be going around with suitcases and things. I would eat chocolate to feel better, but çi am getting I dontknowhowmanythings done in my mouth because i have a bunch of things to fix. I got that from my mum. And, all this, in English. Guess how can you tell the Orthopedist, after you find out what you call an orthopedist, that you have a kind of spreading pain that starts in your shoulder blade and goes up to I don'tknow ehre and when you move your arm like this...Besides, I was thinking about moving to a more central cheaper place. But As my fahter, who is wise, says " In troubled times better not to move"

Some things are more difficult when you are away. One of these days I was on the subway wondering if I would have come back, had I known how hard it was going to be with all these things. thatn, an old lady sat next to me, not looking at all like an old lady, an artist, who spoke Spanish and who would have liked to learn some southamerican indian language, and who had been a teacher in the public system of NYC for 30 years, and she said to me " Hay que tener cojones ", to be a teacher here. And she reminded me of the interesting things that happen in NY.
then, on my way to a DV8 production, I met a coreographer dancer that talked to me about the same. And we talked about belly dancing and flamenco, and rules...and had a laugh,.

And it happens that, New York, you give me the best and teh worst. It is so difficult and so wonderful to be with you
Y es que Nueva York, me das lo mejor y lo peor. Es tan difícil estar contigo.

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