Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Samhein came. I have not celebrated it yet. Didn't have time.
But it did not matter. Somehow I remembered people gone. Friends that crossed the veil. People who passed away.
Rosario, my mum's friend who used to saw like an angel.I thought about her when I was making my costume with my mum.Teresa, my friend who sawed the beautiful dress I wore in that theatre play. Who died of cancer some years ago.
And Laura, my friend who left us this year.I think about her every single time I put some make up on. Every time.Last August, a few months after she had died I had a dream. I was with my mum, and Laura and her daughter, watching a TV series with Richard Chamberlain. I had forgotten she liked him so much. So we were sitting on her couch, watching it, and she was smiling because she liked it. And then I turned round and said to my mother "But, this is not real. Laura is dead. This can't be real. She is dead.". And I woke up in tears. She was one of the most caring, loving people I will ever meet in my life. She worked so hard all her life, so hard. So good. I always have her in my heart.
Death makes you stop. It makes you think about what is real, and what is not. About what is important and what is not.
Somebody said that when someone dies, you not only loose the person who passes away. you also loose part of yourself. You loose what you were for that person. You stop being a mother, a cousin, a lover, a friend...And that part of you is buried with the person you loved.
There are some things in life that nobody ever teaches you to deal with. And I do not seem to learn either.

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