Thursday, May 7, 2009


As I sit down marking papers in my classrooms, the mice that live here start running around the class. I sigh, make a noise and they seem to go, and I do not know if feeling like Cindirella and start singing with them, or like David Copperfield and write a 400 pages book about it.

Can you imagine what happens when in a class of about 25 15 year old kids, after spending ten minutes to get them quiet, a mouse runs across the class? People on top of the tables, people running out of the class, screaming....And when it happens at 8, and at 9, and at 10...I just sigh. It was bad enough not to get any respect from thekids in my class....But not getting it from the mice, it is just too much.

I got a thing that is suppose to make some kind of noise that human don't hear and makes the mice run away. But I can actually hear it,, when there are no kids, of course, and it bothers me, but the mice are still there.

I have to turn the grades in tomorrow. I told my boss that I am not going to be on time, cause the mice ate them. But he did not buy it. So I am going back to my classroom with my mice to keep grading....sigh!

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Lille Skvat said...


Ya no escribes también en español? Claro que no me extraña nada, a mí me daría una pereza horrible tener que repetir todo.

Un beso!