Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Eve in New York- Mysteries of Creation ( Versión en Epañol más abajo)

On the 31st I woke up early in the morning. This year, all that smoking during the holidays, my house was still a mess. I didn’t tidy or anything for christmas in the end.

I was going to go to the laundry, but when I looked outside some snow flakes danced in the wind. Can you imagine how much do you really want to take out a trolley full of dirty clothes in the middle of the snow?

I opened my email, and got the info for the party for the night. It is supposed to be an “underground” kid of thing, (how cool I am now I can hardly stand myself.) The thing is, they do not tell you the place until the day before. In the mail they said that everybody was going to be wearing costumes. And you know how much I love to do that.

So there I go, look around the internet and decide to dress up as Isis, following the topic of gods and goddesses and creation. And I think, “ If I make some Isis wings, I will be able to use them for belly dancing too” I want to start belly dancing, because my therapist, the physical one, not the psychological one, said I could try some gentle dancing…I did not asked the psychological one about it …yet...


So I go to my physical therapy. The snow starts to fall heavily. I finish and ran to look for a fabric shop. And as I am looking in the fabric shop stret, W 39th and 7th, a guy stops the bike in the middle of the snow,and says “ What Are you looking for? You are so pretty.. Give me a kiss” And he holds my had, not the one holding the broken umbrella, the other one, and gives me a little piece of paper, and says "I live alone. This is my number. Call me,. Give me a kiss” So I give him a kind of kiss on his cheek., and cheeky as he is, he laughs and leaves.

I go into the shop and look around. I call Elena one second and say to her “ Elena, for Isis wings, organza or lame,” And she and her mum answer, in 30 seconds, organza. So I buy some nice orange organia fabric to make the wings. And a belly dancing waist thing to dance. Thinking I could dance.

Then I go back to the doctors. The doctor appointment is going to be described in two posts, so I’ll keep you expecting that.

Then I leave and go to a grate costume shop and get some eye lashes, and some snake bracelets ( the cheapest), and go home to start making my cosutme.

I got home at about five and called my mum, in the middle of her New year’s Eve dinner, to get some tips for the sawing. Of course…no sawing machine, and, in organza, you always have to saw by hand.

So at 12 o’clock in Spain,I called home and eat the grapes. I remember, last year, at 6, I was in a much harder position in the hands of a very big Russian dermathologist. At least this year, I had already finished with the doctors ( I insist, next two posts) A couple more tips and I kept working.

So I kept trying to make my wings, and in the end, without finishing the borders, and just the easiest stich…to just hold the fabric. I would have used safety pins, but I could not find them.

I got hungry so I called the chinese restaurant at 8. This was my New Years eve dinner, sweet and sour pork, but from a New York Chinatown restaurant :D I gave a good tip to the poor man coming on New Year’s Eve in the middle of the snow to deliver some food to a crazy Spaniard.

I kind of finished the wings after nine and started with the other things I was going to wear. I took a quick shower. So this is how I spent my New Year’s Eve, sawing and eating chinese food.

I left my house at 11:40, thinking, “ I am going to be on the train at 12” It would not have been the first time. I remember once, when I was younger, I ate the grapes in the train, and I got so upset I could not stop sobbing for a while.

This time, I asked Isis, who resemblance I was trying to get, to get me there on time. And after looking at the minutes on the clock of the train go away with each stop, I got out, asked somebody and ran to a warehouse in the middle of a lonely place in Brooklyn. And I just got there when I heard Happy New Year. I missed the countdown, but I got the cheers and shouts. I also missed the time.

I put my wings on in the place, because it was freezing freezing freezing cold. And I went around, took some pictures, talked to some people, danced a bit, even when the doctor had not particularly adviced tt ( I insist, two more posts for that). I had a great time. Some people were wearing costumes, some weren’t, but the wings became part of me. It is really hard to move through the crowd with a pair of wings without hitting anybody.

In the end, I finished the party at somebody’s place, and I ended up going home with my Egyptian make all smudged up and my wings in a bag, dressed as a belly dancer, at five in the afternoon, when the spirit of the new year was starting to fade away.

You can click here for more photos.

You can watch the video, just to get a feeling of the place. Sound is awful, but you can play "Looking for Wally" and find me vaguely trying to move my wings

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